Tash Sultana Flow State World Tour


Lemon Tree Music


Live Visual Package

2018’s Flow State World Tour saw Tash Sultana playing to their biggest crowds to date. Therefore it was time we took their already renowned live show up a few notches with our first visual package. Teaming up with Sydney 3D Artist extraordinaire Tim Grove and lighting designer Sam Jarousek, we created a show that walks the audience through a mind bending awakening with Tash as their guide, recreating a hallucinogenic trip.

Beginning with a black hole drawing the audience in, the visuals bounce throughout the world of Flow State. Calling up the dreamy swirling colors of the cosmos, exploring landscapes laden with esoteric imagery, finally culminating the virtuoso ebb and flow of “Blackbird”.  Bringing the audience back through the mind’s eye and into reality.

Creative Direction - Content
Pat Fox
Tim Grove
Creative Direction - Lighting
Sam Jarousek