Banks Arcade Future Lovers




12″ LP Jacket w/Gatefold Insert
CD Jewelcase w/12p Booklet

Future Lovers is a sweeping energetic, eclectic record written from the perspective of the multiple personas of a young man the day he decides to take his life. Each of these personas was assigned traits from the seven deadly sins – Wrath, Lust, Pride and Envy – Each making up equal parts of a whole yet constantly vying for dominance.

For the cover I wanted to give each of these traits life. Depicting them from their enclosures tormenting, tempting and attacking the main persona from all sides. Each quadrant is color coded in relationship to the chromatic spectrum with white at the center to reinforce the concept of amalgamation.

Creative Direction & Design
Pat Fox
Neal Walters
Make Up Artist
Kate Murphy
MUA Assistant
Rima Chamoun
Ruby Stevens